About TropShop

Tropshop makes and supplies small batch body and bath products, using local and imported natural, sustainable and effective ingredients. We have been established in the year 2017, but have been in the making two years prior to that. We have carefully and precisely concocted recipes and combinations of only the finest ingredients, to satisfy a broad range of users.

“I believe that my products can give people a better image of themselves – that it can increase their feelings of confidence and happiness.”

What goes in our products, are all natural with the exception of two ingredients; fragrances in the shimmer oils and Optiphen which serves as a perservative in our body scrubs. This is simply because their is no natural additive that will prevent the growth of mold and bacteria when water is allowed into the pack.

Our Office

37 Liza Dr. Grace Gardens
Santa Cruz, Trinidad & Tobago

Email: hello@tropshop.co


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Office Hours

Monday–Saturday 9am–5pm AST
Sunday 11am–2pm AST

Email: hello@tropshop.co